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Making Hay…..;)

Coastal Bermuda Hay field via glassslipperrestorations.com

That’s right! We are making Hay (coastal bermuda hay, that is). Fortunately our property came with 12 acres of beautiful coastal bermuda hay, which we support and sell to the local cattle ranchers and horse owners.

Some years we have great production (when we get a lot of rain) and some years not so much, as with every farm/garden it depends on good ol’ mother nature to keep it going. This year has started off pretty good and we have already had our first cut, since the cut we have not had any rain so we shall see how it goes.

I thought I would just give you a little information on how the production comes about. Well, we hire guys to come out and spray weed kill and fertilize twice a year, once in the early spring and once in the fall, we strive for quality hay, so we try to keep the stickers out and produce thick sweet delicious hay for those cows and horses.

Then we watch our hay grow and when it gets about 15 to 18  inches high, it is ready to cut, we then hire a crew to come and cut, rake, and bale the hay. We sell our hay in large round bales, thou we have had it baled into square bales before. The square bales are so much more time and labor intensive because you have to physically pick up each 70 lb bale and load on a trailer and then unload it again where it is stacked and stored in a protected environment (which we do not currently have).

Most horse customers want the square bales and they want it delivered, which means you then have to load the trailer again and unload at the site. This is another expense but we do charge extra for this.

The cattle customers want the round bales and would also love a delivery service. We are not currently set up for the delivery so our customers come to get the hay themselves and Gary loads the bales with his tractor. My husband would love to buy a very large trailer someday to provide the delivery service, again we could charge extra for this. I also hope that he will someday get that trailer.

I have a few photos here for you to see the process. First, the hay is cut, ooh I wish you could smell this, it smells like fresh baked sweet bread to me, I just Love it!

fresh cut coastal bermuda hay via glassslipperrestorations.com Then it has to dry for a day or two….you can’t bale it wet because it will get moldy…Yuk! Coastal Hay laying in field drying before baleing via GlassSlipperRestorations    This is a Hay Rake contraption… Hay Rake used via GlassSlipperRestorations.com

 It rakes the hay into piles for the baling machine… Raking hay via glassslipperrestorations.com

raked coasta lbermuda hay via glassslipperrestorations.com

The baling contraption sucks up the hay and rolls it into large round bales

Baling coastal bermuda hay via glassslipperrestorations.com When the baler gets full it wraps it tight with nylon string and dumps a round bale out

making round bales of coastal bermuda hay via glassslipperrestorations.com

…and voila! that is how a 5×5 round bale is created… 5x5 round bale of coastal bermuda hay via glassslipperrestorations.com

 and here is how it looks in the field…so pretty…  pasture of coastal bermuda hay bales via glassslipperrestorations.com 2nd view pasture of haybales Now I wanted to show you how it is loaded, but I went out of town for a day and when I got back, Gary already loaded it for the happy customer and it was all gone, so I missed my chance to get the photos.  I will try to get photos of the weed kill and fertilizer being sprayed on the field next time as well.

The couple working the hay equipment are a husband and wife team, pretty cool huh? Esther is doing the raking and John is doing the baling!

Hope you enjoyed this little lesson on making Hay!

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  • Karen June 25, 2013, 8:21 pm

    Can almost smell the sweetness. Beautiful pictures, too!


    • Cindy June 26, 2013, 9:22 am

      ooh yes! you are a very talented photographer Karen, so this is a very special complement to me …Thank you so much!

  • Lauren June 27, 2013, 7:51 am

    I also wanted to say what great pictures. I love the cut grass smell, but imagine on that grand scale you have, it would be wonderfully powerful.

    • Cindy June 27, 2013, 9:29 am

      Thanks for liking my pictures Lauren,and the fresh cut hay is simply yummy!

  • karentraversy July 29, 2013, 3:48 pm

    These are all over the fields in New England, I love them.

  • Confessions of a Plate Addict July 30, 2013, 6:22 am

    Beautiful photos! I can almost smell the hay! Thanks so much for sharing at The Scoop!…hugs…Debbie

    • Cindy August 15, 2013, 10:10 pm

      Thanks Debbie, Pinned your burlap table runner and the pumpkins, love them!

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