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At War with the Stickers….

Sandspurs in a mason jar

Stickers, Sandspurs, Sticky Sandspurs, tough little suckers, and painful, oh my goodness, we have created a war zone.

We first started seeing stickers in and around our yard several years ago when the draught began. These little suckers love dry sandy soil, they thrive in sunny areas and bermuda grass. We have it all. We have a very large yard and area we have to maintain to help keep out snakes, rodents etc…(about 2 acres).

Unfortunately, we pretty much ignored them and just mowed them down and each year they have multiplied like rabbits. So this year, we had enough and we began spreading a pre/post emergent, which was expensive, and only killed a few.

So we gathered our weapons; 2 hand shovels, 2 pairs of leather gloves, and two 5 gallon buckets and went to battle. Together over the course of three weeks, we gathered countless buckets of stickers, so  far, two mounds when combined, measured 5 feet diameter and 3 feet tall!

pile o stickers

 We burned them and mowed, gathered more and mowed again, and now we no longer walk past a sticker in our yard, the rule is when you see one, you dig it up now!


Lesson learned!

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  • Lauren Weiss June 17, 2013, 8:49 pm

    I have every confidence you will remain the victor in your war. You guys are so persistent when you make a decision. I really do love the stickers in the flower vase picture. Who would of ever thought to do that!! You can put that over the sticker ash pile as a grave marker:)

    • Cindy June 18, 2013, 10:22 pm

      Great Idea, Lauren and yes, we will conquer the stickers!

      Thanks! 🙂

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